In this digital age today our life is dynamic, and of course, we think our customer experience is anything but that. People strive to limit or eliminate the negative ones and generate the good. To have a continuous experience across brands, format, and across technology or devices is what consumer is seeking. It is this direction that Pan Rajdhevee Group PCL is moving toward. Integration of our technology, innovative services, and resources is being converged into seamless omnichannel enterprise, where our customers shall benefit.
Presently Pan Rajdhevee Group PLC have created many on line service systems such as the “Acne 7 Days” , Soft smooth skin online system to help customers to monitor themselves with 24- hour interaction with clinic personels and receive more information on their acne problems including complementary products.
We have recently introduced, through extensive research and development, SUVANZA Technology, an amazing anti-fungal advanced encapsulation via a micro-macro delivery system for all active ingredients to support cell targeting era topical formulations.
All experiences offline and online that we are generating should allow customers to identify themselves and our brands to access their preferences for better innovative services in the future.
Last but not least, it is the IT programming algorithm that shall lead the accomplishment of our omnichannel goal effectively efficiently, and safely.

2. Novel Beauty and Dermatological Solution Provider Business

This business provides various provable solutions that solve various dermatological and esthetic unmet needs of effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and safety which include problem solving, correction of imperfection up-to protection of perfect beauty at molecular level.
Our research advances have now led to an entirely new approach to the business of beauty and skin health care. By more fully understanding cascading cellular activities, our new system to “target pre-transcription cellular needs” has been developed and applied. Cell function targeting is now a treatment reality because Pan Rajdhevee Group concurrently developed the delivery vehicle necessary to apply this advanced knowledge.
All of these technology and knowledge have led to a new horizon and setforth our ACNE SOLUTION DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Anti – acne products have been developed according to MOLECULAR BIOLOGY approach specific to acne vulgaris type 1 (comedones), type 2 (light pinkish inflammation), including acne vulgaris (full blown) type 3 gram positive and acne vulgaris type 3 gram negative subgroups. Not only they are most effective for each types of acne, they are also in compliance with international good manufacturing practice (GMP) standard and internal clinically tested. Our anti – acne products, therefore, are of superb quality and completely safe. Our programs are developed for customized patient care to ensure the best outcome to solve acne problems as part of our goal of beauty solution.
There exists a universal dilemma of consumers trying to make choices for beauty products and services knowing that the products will probably fall short. It can be summed up as “frustration over unmet promises.” When consumers find products that actually perform well, that overcomes this frustration and generates real, long term loyalty. The Pan Rajdhevee Group BEAUTY SOLUTIONS provide our customers with fast sustainable beauty. Our company transformed our advanced knowledge into STATE OF THE ART PRODUCTS AND SERVICES BY OUR ULTIMATE PASSION FOR PERFECT BEAUTY. We have leap ahead using pathophysiology to molecular biology, from using invasive to less invasive and noninvasive approaches, and from segregated solution to integrated and holistic solution.
By being a BEAUTY SOLUTION PROVIDER, we deliver THEIR PERFECT BEAUTY to our clients.

3. Educational Program and Staff Development for Medical Academy

Pan Rajdhevee Group PCL cooperates with well-known universities in Thailand to form programs for training and educating on dermatology and aesthetic to medical students and science students. We expect that graduates from the program will become specialists in Cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic. Optimistically, they would be able to apply the knowledge to generate innovative products and services and to be specialized dermatologists who can give quality advices to consumers both domestic and international world wide.
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