Acne Spa Tech is the latest gateway and touch point for recruiting new members and maintaining existing customers to IPAS. During the introductory phase of MEDICAL BEAUTY SOLUTION PROVIDER, Acne Spa Tech will create a revolutionary new market as well as a demand for distinctive acne treatments and aesthetic facial spa services.
We Offer Three Perfect Skin Service Programs: Perfect Texture, Prefect Complexion, and Perfect Young Looking.
Spa Tech Shop
-Model comparison
  Clinic model Spa Tech model

Investment cost (renovation, equipment)

Higher Lower

Rental space

150 sqm 20 sqm

No. staffs

12 3

Online system implementation & tracking 

Difficult & complex Less Difficult & complex

Fixed cost

Higher Lower

Management team cost

Higher Lower


Competitive Advantages

  • One stop service for acne treatments
  • FIT investment
  • New business model: Mixture of effective/powerful/state of the art products, treatments, skin test, and turn-key customer care system to create the unique experience for acne patients.
  • Mixed between domestic and Thai style premises which are customer friendly and easy to access.


Acne Spa Tech Services

-     Acne products

-     Acne IPAS programs (3 day, 7day, 6 weeks, 12 weeks)

-    Facial skin test, treatments & consultation

-    Nano bubble facial spa treatment (Innovative technology for healthy and acne extraction)



Acne Spa Tech Service

Nano Bubble Service

IPAS services including acne 3day program,

5-10 mins service                                                                 7 day program, 14 day program with

Chilling & Group Relaxing                                                   Personal host and digital system access


Nano Bubble Technology

  • Pan RC has invented the Nano bubble as the gateway to create customer emotional attraction to the brand.
  • Nano Bubble Technology can create over 5 times oxygen level available in mineral water.
  • Core Benefits
  • Relaxation and refreshing.
  • Easy to do comedone extraction.
  • Instant brightness and healthy facial skin.                        




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